The professional accounting and auditing services for natural persons and legal entitie

We would like to note that the value of the accounting services offered by our company is at an acceptable level.


What is accounting for business?

Accounting is a comprehensive set of services for successful business activities, such as bookkeeping, studying of initial documents, personnel records, salary calculation, tax planning, accounting and tax reporting, preparation of any financial document.

The Audit of financial statements and accounting records
Azerbaijan is a country with a market economy. It is recognized by the European Union, the United States and the whole world community. Many companies are still developing spontaneously, without knowledge of the modern business. In the market economy, success is easier than it seems to be. But success can be achieved by increasing the enterprise's financial efficiency, not by the use of expensive technology.
We are your personal finance consultant
Our company provides professional audit services to assess the financial stability of businesses as professional consultants in the field of finance and accounting and identify mistakes in accounting records.

The enterprise auditing organized by any company itself as some managers think, is not a tax audit or financial asset verification. On the contrary, timely verification of the organization is a preventive measure, which allows solving some important issues at one time:
  • The audit, before official tax audits, eliminates all errors and omissions in financial statements;
  • The voluntary auditing helps to identify the company's real financial standing, leakage and misstatement of cash flows and increase asset management efficiency;
  • The professional auditing allows you to optimize your tax returns
  • It allows you to identify mistakes in financial accounting, reporting and documentation.

Our company performs audit services based on a detailed analysis of the features of the entity's financial and operational activities, personnel records and management. Based on the results of the audit, we present a complete report of all violations, mistakes, and official audit reviews in the business of the enterprise.

However, this is not all: the audit services include elimination of deficiencies identified as well as accounting services, personnel records and legal assistance, including real expert opinion, business consulting services to enhance business effectiveness, and consultation of professionals in various fields.

A comprehensive approach to every job and everyone
The audit examination, accounting services, optimization of taxation, staff records, legal aid and business support, advice and professional evaluators - these directions are our core business and are aimed at increasing your company's efficiency. At any stage of business development, we offer complex accounting services to enterprises in various organizational and legal forms. There are experts and consultants in accounting and taxation, who are ready to provide direct accounting services at your service, either directly or on a subscription basis. These include: bookkeeping, quarterly, annual financial reporting, systematization of internal company records and other accounting services required for successful business operations.

Our company's activity includes optimization of tax payments in the enterprise - more efficient taxation scheme, tax planning, preparation and submission of reports, as well as zero balance and expert advice in the field of finance.