Our services:

Our company offers professional accounting and auditing services for individuals and legal entities. In addition, we provide reports to the tax authorities and the pension fund. When you use our services, you can get the following benefits:

  • Accounting 

Professional execution of accounting and systematic structuring of documents, including calculation of revenue and expenditure;

Timely submission of accounting documents to state authorities including to provide information to tax inspection and pension fund;

To create accounting principles for your company to provide high quality taxation;

Comprehensive accounting for all necessary payments in accordance with current legislation. Preparation and submission of reports to tax authorities, SSPF, Statistical Committee and Population Employment Fund);

Registration of all necessary documents related to the Company's employees (documents of personnel records, salary accounting transactions);

Outsourcing accountancy, which is very important for most customers, is completely confidential. Our team of employees has a high level of professionalism and extensive experience in this area. "We offer different options for accounting.

  • Auditory service 

To check the accuracy of the client's accounting and reporting compliance with applicable laws and regulations;

To inform the management of customer about any defects found during the audit, deficiencies related with compiling of accounting and reporting;

To ensure maintaining of documentation received or drawn up during audit;

To provide an annual auditor review on tax report.

We would like to note that the value of the accounting services offered by our company is at an acceptable level. 

Our company guarantees that all reports, forms are correctly filled, and submission of these documents timely. In order to provide a guaranteed quality, we always hold an accounting or auditor's contract. This contract contains all the information about the scope of the service planned by our company

The affordable accounting and auditing service offered by us when prices are acceptable can be considered the most affordable option for today.