The outsourcing is carried out according to the MRI AZ AUDIT (in the area of human resource management) plan. It is important to know exactly what the client company is offering, especially if it involves the involvement of employees.

• Professional organization – It is your employer who takes full responsibility for managing your company's human resources. We turn into a employer of your company's employees, and we take full responsibility for the staff including the last word in hiring, dismissal and wage.
• MRI AZ AUDIT and the Company are partners in solving problems in management of human resources and other business aspects. Let's explain more clearly, our services are professional recruitment activities by taking full responsibility for our employees
• Outsourcing of business processes is a broader concept not only in human resource management but also in outsourcing in all areas. Outsourcing of business processes involves the application of new technology or the use of existing technology to improve the process. The outsourcing of human resources management is the confirmation that the human resources management system is supported by the latest technology, such as acquiring and assembling of human resource management information for employees.

The services of human resources management of MRI AZ AUDIT include:
The managing of calculation of salary: Creating of receipts, tax adjustments, contact with hospital and vacation fees.
The advantages of employees: medical insurance, life insurance and so on.
The Management of Human Resources: recruiting, recruitment and dismissal of employees. In addition, background interviews, mobile interviews and review of salary.
The management of risks: compensation of employees, settlement of disputes, security checks, office policy and reference books.
Settlement of visa problems to foreign countries.
Some services provide additional services, such as online consultants who come to the company as a full spectrum of services or even resolve disputes.

The management of employees of Client's also includes:
• The services of wage-accounting, including tax calculations and declarations, for employees registered locally or working abroad
• Management of tourism and accommodation of employees abroad
• Managing of contracts with individual entrepreneurs in companies
• Annual reports: individual registration in the tax service.