Full range of professional staff services for different companies. We have full and up-to-date knowledge of the labor market and local labor community. We take full account of key local factors and cultural values that affect labor relationships during work period and business efficiency with organizations. We offer real solutions of constantly changing demands that we encounter repeatedly in the department of human resources in this region. Our purposeful, enthusiastic team having three-language knowledge on staffing has a rich experience and is able to succeed the high demands of clients, our potential candidates courteously and professionally. Our management system is effective and targeted, and our services are also applying to candidates, just like our customers.

• To collect the staff based on a contract specifically designed to attract and engage foreign and domestic personnel as part of a comprehensive plan for the international project
• Contract and Staffing for Permanent Staff
   - Direct access to client's labor resources
   - Recruitment as a contractor status with full support in management
• Global staffing, Using of Local labor resources and Assignment Support Service
• Recruitment of leading staff